Director, Data Governance

Posted 4.21.24

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Director, Data Governance 

We are seeking a passionate leader to champion data quality and empower informed decision-making across our healthcare organization. As Director, Data Governance, you’ll develop and implement strategies to ensure our data is trustworthy, reliable, and supports strategic initiatives. The ideal candidate would have Proven experience in healthcare delivery, ideally across payer, provider, or integrated settings as well as experience as a people manager and worked with vendors to drive healthcare solutions and data and its governance. 

What you’ll do: 

Strategic Leadership: 

  • Spearhead Data Governance Strategy: Develop and champion a comprehensive Healthcare Data Governance Strategy, collaborating with stakeholders across the organization to ensure alignment with strategic goals. Prioritize data quality, privacy, security, and compliance to maximize the value of data assets. 

Business Alignment and Standardization: 

  • Foster a Common Data Language: Partner with clinical, operational, and administrative teams to define clear and consistent business definitions for high-impact data concepts. Establish a central business glossary with associated metrics and data lineage for complete transparency. 
  • Adoption of these standards: Prioritize the rollout of these standard definitions across IWH and all the data technology, business operations functions and reporting. 

Data Ownership and Accountability: 

  • Empower Data Stewards: Implement a robust data stewardship program, establishing clear data ownership, accountability, and issue resolution processes. Collaborate with domain data stewards to ensure adherence to data governance policies and guidelines. This includes compliance for various standard definitions, metrics and measures. 

Data Quality Champion: 

  • Drive Data Excellence: Implement and manage data quality processes and design for quality on all the vendor and internally developed products. Will identify, address, and prevent data anomalies, inconsistencies, and duplications. Continuously monitor and improve data integrity for accurate insights and informed decision-making. Ensure that all solutions are offering insight into the quality of data at every interchange/integration point of the data flow 

Data Governance Technology: 

  • Maximize Technology Adoption: Lead the roadmap, user adoption, and optimization of the data governance platform. Leverage features like data profiling, data lineage, data cataloging, and data classification to enhance data transparency and accessibility for all users. 

Data Regulatory Compliance & Interoperability Navigator: 

  • Ensure Compliance: Maintain a deep understanding of healthcare data regulations (HIPAA, HITECH etc.) and Data interchange, interoperability and transparency standards like (EDI X11/X12, HL7, FHiR) and translate them into actionable data governance practices. Proactively mitigate compliance risks and ensure data is handled responsibly. 

Data Security and Privacy Advocate: 

 Protect Sensitive Data: Collaborate with security and privacy teams to integrate robust data security and privacy controls within the data governance framework. Safeguard sensitive information while enabling efficient data utilization. 

Building a Data-Driven Culture: 

Communicate Data Value: Champion the value proposition of data governance and its positive impact on decision-making. Promote a data-driven culture by fostering awareness and understanding across business stakeholders. 

Investing in Knowledge Transfer: 

Develop Data Governance Experts: Create comprehensive training materials and conduct data governance awareness sessions. Equip employees with the knowledge and skills to actively participate in data governance initiatives. 

What you will need: 

  •  Bachelor’s degree in healthcare management, Health Informatics, Data Science, or a related field. Advanced degrees are preferred. 
  • Minimum 12 years’ experience in payer or provider or integrated delivery organization with track record of leading complex data and technology integration work including a minimum 3-5 years of experience in data governance or data quality management with experience in data management and data technology and implementation of complex data solutions, ideally within the healthcare industry, ideally with a focus on value-based care models. 
  • Experience using, implementing, or administering data governance platforms. 
  • Strong understanding of healthcare terminology, clinical workflows, and operational processes. 
  • Familiarity with healthcare data standards (e.g., SNOMED, LOINC, ICD-10, CPT) and data exchange formats (HL7, FHIR) as well as knowledge of healthcare data privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA and HITECH. 
  •  Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to resolve complex data-related issues. 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with business stakeholders and technical teams. 
  • Detail-oriented with a commitment to maintaining data accuracy and integrity. 
  • Certifications in data governance (e.g., DGSP, CDGP) and healthcare 

Our mission is to reinvent healthcare to help patients live their best lives, and we proudly live our mission-driven values: 

– We care deeply about the people we serve. 
– We are better when we work together. 
– Humility is a source of our strength.  
– We bring joy to our work.
– We deliver on our promises. 

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our recruiting practices. Everyone is welcome and included. We value our differences and learn from each other. Our team members come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. No matter how you identify your lifestyle, creed, or fandom, we value everyone’s unique journey.  

Oh, and one more thing … a recent study shows that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women and other marginalized groups apply only if they meet 100% of them. So, if you think you’d be a great fit, but don’t necessarily meet every single requirement on one of our job openings, please still apply. We’d love to consider your application!   

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