Clinical Director

Posted 3.11.24

Meet Midi: The virtual care clinic created by specialists in perimenopause and menopause.

We’re seeking a Clinical Director to join us! 


  1. Clinical Director: Serves as Clinical Director, holding a key clinical leadership role in the care delivery with oversight of NP and MD Managers and teams. 
  2. Clinician Leadership Role: Embodies leadership in both clinical and administrative capacities. Skilled writer, you will be drafting position statements, guidelines and clinical pathways. Eager to achieve well-executed onboarding and workflow pathways and meeting our goals. You value a clinician-centric approach for optimal patient care and know how to balance priorities and organizational goals to achieve it. 
  3. Manager of Clinicians: Direct manager of all Clinicians via Clinician Managers: Both NP Manager and MD Managers. Must enjoy being a coach, mentor, sponsor of clinicians and advanced practice, as well as believe in the skill of being a manager. Operationally inclusive of
    1. Oversight of vacation, slack assignment, on-call, schedules, productive direct and indirect time, project and quality audit, protocol development, clinician adherence to care standards and protocols, onboarding.
    2. Is a required attendee to clinical, clinical operations, quality and others key meetings with accountability to the communication cascade of relevant information sharing with managers and clinicians, as guided via meeting owners, human resources, internal communication or other executive directive
    3. Epouses visibility, responsiveness, foster belonging and builds community for all clinicians and care team members. Establishes Midi Health as an employer of choice for advanced practice registered nurses
    4. Commitment to capturing process and SoP on paper for visibility and education.
    5. Demonstrated ability to lead committees and guide teams to deliverables. You hold yourself and colleagues accountable to deliverables, work fast.
  4. Collaboration: Accountable for the delivery of care and resources such as operations, clinical, business operations, clinical operations, product and engineering, finance, marketing, commercial, compliance, and legal to ensure seamless collaboration and adherence to regulatory standards. 
  5. Clinical Decision-Making: Accountable for clinical decision-making processes, ensuring high-quality patient care. Active participant in clinical guideline and protocol development and accountable for implementation. Expert clinician, available for consultation and care escalation. 
  6. Clinician Hiring: Hires clinicians, contributing to the establishment of a qualified and cohesive healthcare team. Inclusive of any clinician who provides direct patient care and / or collaboration.
  7. Financial Oversight: Ensures the financial health of the practice by engaging in budgeting, monitoring expenses, and managing revenue. Accountable for fiduciary stewardship of clinical resources, inclusive of clinician utilization to targets and budget. 
  8. Administrative Duties: Leads care delivery with business operations knowledge and administrative practice experience. Oversees administrative tasks to streamline operational efficiency. 
  9. Team-oriented: Proven ability to foster a positive team culture, which includes encouraging collaboration and promoting a supportive environment. Is a member of Clinical Operations. 
  10. Leadership by example: set a standard for professionalism, dedication, and ethical conduct among the team. Skilled ability to deliver in both clinical excellence and operational profitability and efficiency. 
  11. Conflict resolution: Ability to lead through conflict in a way that is professional and fair, clear and kind. 
  12. Advocate: Act as an advocate for patients, the team, and the organization; this includes ensuring the team has the necessary resources and support to deliver optimal patient care
  13. Passion: Passionate about comprehensive access to care for women in a setting with well-executed work!
  14. Quality & Safety: Active participant in Quality and Safety committee and Quality Measure implementation and success. Role model Just Culture principles and leads collaborative case reviews with Quality Committee

What you bring to the role

  • Required:Master’s Degree in Nursing, with active advanced practice board certification. 
  • Doctorally prepared preferred. 
  • Required:Active unencumbered license to practice as an advanced practice clinician 
  • Multiple state licenses required; must have at least 4 licenses
  • Required: At least two (2) years of telehealth experience
  • Required: At least five (5) years of direct management of clinical teams 
  • Required: Experience as practice administrator or similar administrative background   
  • Experience with academic settings, as adjunct professor of advance practice, preferred
  • Excellent written and verbal communication with an emphasis on clarity and compassion
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