Software Engineering Co-op

Posted 9.21.22
Watertown, MA
Who we are
Zus Health is an early stage startup focused on accelerating digital health builders with a platform of healthcare-oriented, API-first services. We believe that now is the time for healthcare to change in this country and that modern technology infrastructure will help unleash that change. Our first customers will be innovative and hungry digital health startups. We’re led by athenahealth’s co-founder, Jonathan Bush, and a seasoned leadership team.
What we’re looking for…
We are looking for eager software engineering co-ops to help build the next generation of health tech tools. You are intellectually curious and love learning new technologies. You are hungry to make a difference in a fluid, early-stage startup and are confident working in a cross-functional culture.  
With broad needs and a small team, we’re looking for engineers eager to jump into the next challenge and who are committed to learning what we need to make the magic happen. This role will start in January 2023 and run through June 2023.
As part of our team you will…
  • Roll up your sleeves and build production-ready technology 
  • Implement and support solutions for our early access developer community 
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to build high quality solutions that scale 
You are a good fit because you demonstrate…
  • Demonstrate the ability to write clean code 
  • Are excellent at navigating technical documentation to solve problems and learn new techniques 
  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Have a clear communication style that allows you to craft nuanced messaging to win over teammates, leadership, and the market
  • Possess a self-starter attitude that shows that you are ready for the fast, and sometimes unstructured, nature of an early startup
It was awesome if you were…
  • Interested in working with healthcare data and APIs 
  • Interested in a fast-paced development environment
  • Familiar with our tech stack [ReactJS (Typescript), Remix, Tailwind CSS, Go, GraphQL, Terraform, FHIR] 
  • Located in the Boston area, or are willing to join us here on a regular basis for collaborative work
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