Senior Data Scientist

Posted 1.9.24

About The Stealth Venture

Today, healthcare contact centers face significant operational and strategic challenges, including lack of data integration, high turnover, and poor customer experience. To address this pressing challenge, Redesign Health is launching StealthCo, an AI-powered contact center platform and customer experience solution designed specifically for the unique needs of healthcare companies.

StealthCo will leverage innovative new technologies to improve and scale agent training, drive self-service interactions, transcribe and summarize calls in real-time, assist call resolution, and provide a “member 360” view that consolidates key caller insights from across various systems. In doing so, StealthCo will drive operational efficiency while upleveling customer service representatives and improving the member/patient experience.

StealthCo is building a future where interacting with the healthcare system is seamless – even pleasant. Our vision is to redefine the way healthcare companies interact with their members and enable them to deliver excellent customer service while reducing administrative burden. We’re creating a new, personalized patient journey where every touchpoint is informed by rich data and every interaction is driven by empathy and understanding.

As the Senior Data Scientist, Engineering & AI technologies, you will work alongside the CEO to build the product portfolio from the ground up. You would be getting in on the ground floor of a generative AI company focused on improving the agent and member/customer experience through healthcare contact centers. You will have a great deal of influence over the technology and product offering, be responsible for driving the core AI elements of the product portfolio and be able to influence the R&D processes and team. 

While you will initially function as an individual contributor in our early stages, we value prior leadership experience as you will be expected to leverage these skills as the company expands. Your ability to transition from a hands-on role to leading and scaling a technical team will be essential for our long-term success.

You will report to and work with the CEO. The position can be fully remote within the United States.

What you’ll do:

  • Lead Technical Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive technical strategy for our AI-powered call center product, ensuring alignment with our business goals.
  • Hands-on Development: Actively engage in the coding and development of our product, setting a high standard for coding practices and product quality.
  • System Design and Architecture: Design robust, scalable systems that integrate AI, LLM, and ML technologies, addressing the unique challenges in healthcare.
  • Collaboration with Leadership: Work directly under the CEO, contributing to strategic decisions and providing technical insights to guide the company’s direction.
  • Security and Compliance Oversight: Ensure the product adheres to the highest standards of security and compliance, particularly with respect to healthcare regulations and data protection laws.

What you’ll need:

  • You have over 7 years of experience in software engineering, data science, and/or machine learning, with at least 2 years spent in a 0-1 early-stage startup environment.
  • You have experience working in a SaaS B2B healthcare setting dealing with privacy concerns with HIPAA or regulations needed for compliance in healthcare operations.
  • You have experience utilizing AI and LLM technologies such as OpenAI, Cohere, or Anthropic for voice data or natural language process understanding. You have experience with Semantic Search/Retrieval augmented generation tools like LangChain or Pinecone.
  • You are comfortable with the fast-paced, resource-efficient approach typical of lean startup environments, showcasing your ability to deliver results effectively under these conditions.
  • You have technical proficiency with modern data stacks including experience working with transcription (AWS or GCP) and modern data stacks including ML frameworks (PyTorch or TensorFlow), Databases (Snowflake or Redshift), and data platforms (Fivetran or Airbyte).

What you will bring to the table (Technical Skills) 

  • Expertise in AI, LLM, and ML: Possess a solid understanding and practical experience in artificial intelligence, large language models, and machine learning. Given the rapidly evolving nature of these fields, you should be adept at staying abreast of the latest advancements and integrating new, cutting-edge methodologies into our product development. Your ability to adapt and learn in this fast-paced, ever-changing landscape will be crucial.
  • Proficiency in Analytical Tools: Demonstrable expertise in Python, R, SQL, or other advanced analytical tools.
  • Large Data Analytics and Management: Extensive experience in large data analytics, data management, and specifically the extraction and analysis of healthcare data.

Who you are:

  • Manages Ambiguity & Complexity. You deal comfortably with the uncertainty of change, and are calm and productive, even when things are up in the air. You ask the right questions to accurately analyze situations and uncover root causes to difficult issues. Through acquiring data from multiple and diverse sources, you are able to make sense of complex, high-quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to solve problems.
  • Communicates Effectively & Collaborates. You are able to communicate effectively with anyone, from the technical Engineers to the strategic business partners and you tailor your message to meet the audience. 
  • Optimizes Work Processes. You are aware of the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, and are focused on continuous improvement.

Additional Information

This position is remote.  You may work from anywhere in the continental US. 


Full-time base salary range of $165,000-180,000 plus equity.

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