Senior Android Engineer

Posted 4.29.24
Join Our Team as a Senior Android Engineer!
Be Part of Our Journey
We’re looking for a Senior Android Engineer who wants a new challenge and has experience building native Android applications. Join us if you want to build exciting, complex, user-focused features.
Why Join a Strength Training App’s Team
At Fitbod, we believe that strength training is a simple way for anyone to improve their quality of life. Fortunately, more people are discovering strength training than ever before. And we (and maybe you) are here to help!
Why You’re Set Up for Success
10x Greater Impact is Ahead of Us.
Our product has proven market fit. We already have a six-year track record of excellent retention and reliable growth. We’ve also established a brand and proven the impact fitness can have to hundreds of thousands of users.
Our most ambitious work is yet to come! We’ve hit less than 1% of our total addressable market, and our AI continues to keep us ahead and innovating.
A Small Team with Healthy Numbers
The market is rewarding profitability over grow-at-all-costs. We continue to grow at a venture scale while maintaining profitability. We have raised $4.6M and reached $20M+ ARR at cash flow positive.
What’s in It for You?
  • Personal Growth: Grow at Fitbod with a personal development plan for your career.
  • Mentorship: Opportunities both to mentor and be mentored—we’re about growing as a team.
  • Ownership: Own our codebase, our web application, and our processes. You’ll play a pivotal role in our team.
  • Impact: Your ideas and work will reach and influence millions! Have your say in our product evolution and be a part of our success story.
Your New Role
  • Develop our Android mobile application to create an intuitive and engaging interface.
  • Collaborate, brainstorm, design and roll out new features for our users.
  • Uphold code quality and champion best mobile development practices.
We’re Looking for Someone Who:
  • Loves working on a team and building Android mobile applications.
  • Is proactive, creative and ready to take on new challenges.
  • Has a keen eye for detail and crafting great user experiences.
  • Embraces learning and growing within a supportive environment.
  • Balances speed with quality.
The Tech Stack
  • Our Android mobile application is built on top of a modern stack, following the latest trends in mobile application development. You’ll also have a chance to shape and decide on this stack:
  • Kotlin
  • Coroutines
  • Room
  • Retrofit
  • LiveData
  • Wear App
  • Hilt
Does This Sound Like You?
  • Kotlin
  • Leverage MVVM & SOLID design principles
  • Design systems and UI libraries
  • Android application development best practices.
  • Reactive programming.
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