Content Manager

Posted 4.29.24

Fitt Talent Partners is a specialized recruitment firm working with top health, fitness, and wellness companies. 

We’re filling this role for a client – Performance coaching platform for healthcare thats pioneering the field of High Performance Medicine.

Our client is hiring for a Content Manager who will:


  • Lead content production. We define “content” as the video and audio media that live within our platform to teach, coach and develop doctors and nurses. Some of this content will be repurposed on social media but the primary audience are our “Clinician End Users” across the top hospitals in the US as well as within the Department of Defense military medical system.
  • Build processes and workflows to script, film and edit short form content both remotely and in-person. Our videos range from one to four minutes in order to meet the attention span of frontline doctors and nurses. On some occasions, empowering a surgeon or nurse to film user-generated content is our best option, but requires direction and technical education for success.
  • Work with the Product team to define gaps / opportunities / needs in our existing content journey and then create and execute a plan to script, film and product those videos and audio needs.
  • Work with “Performance Ambassadors” to capture content from special operations communities, elite athletics (professional and Olympic sport), the creative arts, and top scientists…and then make those stories, tools and protocols relevant to performing on the frontlines of healthcare.
  • Leverage your storytelling mastery to oversee our content roadmap and strategic communication campaigns to best educate our clinicians


  • Understand and/or passion for human performance. At the end of the day, we are a human performance company. You need to have a proficiency and belief in the essence of our work.
  • No healthcare experience is required, but need a willingness to learn with humility, be embed in and work with the top healthcare teams in the world. Be ready to make an impact and have an opinion.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and strong, independent skills for filming, editing and producing in austere environment (no major studio or large production budgets). Healthcare is austere — we have to meet our audience where they are and bring radical creativity.
  • Comfort working in an environment with high-expectations and autonomy but a central focus on team.
  • Solve problems. We’ve come to believe there are two types of people in an early-stage company — those who point out the problems and those who solve the problems. We need problem solvers. Creating content in and for medicine is not easy. But we guarantee this may be the most fulfilling job you’ll ever have.
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