Director, Content & SEO

Posted 2.27.24

Fitt Talent Partners is a specialized recruitment firm working with top health, fitness, and wellness companies. 

We’re filling this role for a leading Health & Wellness Platform — that has existing partnerships with CrossFit, WHOOP, Momentous, and other top brands.

Job Description

We’re working with some of the best brands in health and wellness, and hiring our first senior marketer to help spread the word to consumers.

The goals of this role are:

  • Improve organic marketing channels to 10 million target customers to have an awareness of us by the end of the year.
  • Build channels (starting with SEO, CRM, and social) that drive sales.


  • Build content distribution strategy that is seen by millions of people per month.
  • Build CRM strategy that drives engagement and sales
  • Build SEO strategy that gets us to #1 this year when people search what they can save with HSA/FSA
  • Create plan for expanding to other channels


The ideal candidate is has demonstrated experience in

  • Content (creation and distribution through our owned channels)
  • CRM (Developing coordinated strategies via Email, texting, in-app messaging, etc. to keep customers engaged and drive sales).
  • SEO (Desigining and implementing winning SEO strategies)
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