Head of Growth

Posted 5.29.24
Salary Range

Equip Foods – Head of Growth

We’re looking for a smart and highly motivated person who can lead Equip’s marketing strategy and execution.

🤨 Why Equip Foods?

We are makers of high-quality real food supplements. We believe humans should eat real food and when you do supplement, it shouldn’t be with weird isolated ingredients — it should be with more real food.

We think that the majority of health products online are just a bunch of garbage with fancy labels trying to sell trendy items for a quick buck. We make the best products we possibly can. We need your help to spread the word about our high standards.

We’re a very small and distributed team looking for someone to make their stamp on the business.

Read more about us here – https://www.equipfoods.com/blogs/articles/why-we-exist

📋 Position Details

You’re coming into a pretty great situation, my friend. We’ve grown 300%+ over the last 12 months, and 200% the previous 12 months, all while doing effectively no marketing other than affiliate and influencer. We just started tested paid media in January, but before that our Meta spend was $0. We continue to grow rapidly with minimal marketing spend. People love the products and brand and we clearly have product market fit. We have very healthy margins, returning customer rates, and LTV. Profitable growth is our top priority.

We need you to come on board, help build upon what is already existing, and build out a data-driven growth process. We need you to be a growth scientist. Hypothesis, experiment, data analysis, conclusion, repeat.

We need someone who can get into the weeds and test out new channels, build models with numbers that matter (ROAS, first order profitability, gross margin, contribution margin, LTV), analyze channels for effectiveness, build playbooks, and figure out why (or why not) something is working. We do not want to be reliant on Meta like most e-commerce brands.

🏗️ Your role:

  • Growth of our Shopify and Amazon channels
  • Strategy and execution of a marketing and promotional plan / marketing calendar
  • Manage lifecycle marketing (Klaviyo, Postscript, Post Pilot)
  • Drive subscription revenue
  • Manage and scale paid channels profitably
  • Work with Head of Affiliate + Team to scale affiliate/influencer program
  • Manage generation and management of creative assets
  • Understand and manage important growth metrics per channel (CAC, LTV, AOV, contribution margin)
  • Identify additional channels and build playbooks to scale
  • Manage agencies and contractors currently executing on tactics
  • Analyze our top-of-funnel marketing mix and figure out which channels to accelerate, which to eliminate, and which parts of the funnel to test, iterate, and optimize
  • Responsible for CRO, directly or through contractors/partners
  • Create and experiment with pricing offers and product bundling in conjunction with the COO / GM to hit target financial KPIs
  • Have knowledge and experience with evaluating, implementing and using various ecommerce software
  • Manage creation, distribution, systemization, and scaling of unique value driven content across applicable channels
  • Oversee future marketing managers, social media managers, copywriters, etc

😍 You’ll love this role if:

  • You are a do-er that learns fast and executes even faster
  • You value autonomy and making your own decisions
  • You make your own goals and have strong self accountability
  • You are data driven and a truth seeker
  • You prefer communicating in written form on your own schedule
  • You enjoy very lean operations for businesses that prioritize profits efficiently
  • You give a shit about health and helping others be healthy

🤬 You’ll hate this role if:

  • You love working in a big team environment
  • You need constant direction and guidance solving problems
  • You are looking for a set career path
  • You prefer in person communication or calls to “chat things through”
  • You prefer doing the same repeatable tasks
  • You operate from ego
  • You are plant-based

✅ Requirements

  • Experience working with Shopify and Shopify apps
  • 4+ years of working in direct to consumer marketing (bonus points for working in CPG)
  • Experience with influencer, affiliate and community marketing
  • Process oriented and has clear system for managing priorities and setting/achieving goals
  • Can read financial statements and know how to tie profitability into marketing
  • Write “7” in the application under the question “What is your favorite number?”
  • You must be data oriented and love spreadsheets and have analytics experience using tools
  • Demonstration of sophisticated knowledge of A/B testing, UI/UX, copywriting, and customer behavior
  • Open to remote working arrangements
  • Give a shit about health

Other details:

  • Fully remote and location independent
  • High growth potential and opportunity
  • High performance will result in high compensation

🤩 Benefits:

We are extremely intentional about how we support you as individuals. All our benefits contribute to your education, well-being, physical health, and self-improvement so you can be your best self.

  • Top of the line health care, vision, dental plans
  • Health and wellness perks that you actually care about…
    • $200/month for local farmer’s market and food
    • $200/month for gym membership or any personal fitness
    • Free Kindle and unlimited free books
    • $1k/year for continued learning, training programs
    • $200/month in emotional/mental wellness
  • You are treated like an adult. There is no work schedule or monitoring of hours. You create your own working environment
  • Flexible work arrangements. Unlimited time off
  • And the best for last! Free company products

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