VP, Sales

Posted 2.1.24

Fitt Talent Partners is a specialized recruitment firm working with top health, fitness, and wellness companies.

We’re filling this role for a leading Health & Wellness Platform — that has existing partnerships with CrossFit, WHOOP, Momentous, and other top brands.

As the VP of Sales, you’ll be tasked with bringing new enterprise merchants to a leading Health & Wellness Marketplace — that has existing partnerships with CrossFit, WHOOP, Momentous, and other top brands. You’ll work closely with the Head of Business Development to source, engage, and onboard new enterprise merchants to the platform.


  • Selling to Merchants: Operate independently and collaborate with the Head of Business Development to source enterprise leads and pitch HSA/FSA tools to large health and wellness merchants.
  • Sales Pipeline Development: Develop strategies for growing the company’s enterprise merchant pipeline. Collaborate with Head of Account Management and Head of Business Development to identify the most promising merchant categories and expand pipeline in those categories.
  • Sales Pitch Development: As the company makes product improvements and changes, you will be responsible for continuing to iterate on the enterprise sales pitch to best communicate the opportunity and benefits to merchants.
  • Internal Sales Resources: Spearhead the creation of enterprise sales materials and processes that may not exist, supporting continued growth and overall company objectives.
  • Fail-Forward Mindset: Embrace a culture of continuous improvement, being open to experimentation and iteration. We value learning from failures as much as successes and believe in growing through critical analysis of existing processes.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the sales, marketing, and account management teams to ensure a cohesive approach and alignment in strategies for merchant engagement and growth.


  • 7+ years of demonstrated experience in business development or enterprise sales roles, preferably within Ecommerce (Shopify), health & wellness, or related fields.
  • Strong passion for the health and wellness industry, with a solid understanding of market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Has significant experience in client facing roles. Comfortable pitching on calls and Zoom.
  • Ability to think about the big picture and how potential clients fit into overall company strategy.
  • Ability to thrive in an ambiguous, fast-paced environment, adapting quickly to changes and taking initiative where needed.
  • Willingness to create new materials and processes, being an hire and driving initiatives in uncharted territories.
  • Embraces a fail-forward mindset, eager to experiment, learn, and evolve strategies to achieve growth.
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