Medical Video Content Creator (Contract Position)

Posted 7.10.24
πŸŽ₯ Overview πŸŽ₯
Hey there, health gurus! 🌟 Are you a licensed MD, ND, or PhD with a knack for the camera and a passion for functional medicine? Rupa Health is on the hunt for a Medical Content Creator who can turn complex medical jargon into engaging, informative videos. Join us in our mission to educate millions on the harmony of conventional and functional medicine, and let’s spread the word about root cause medicine together!
πŸš€ A little about Rupa – The future is personalized, root-cause healthcare.
Rupa makes lab testing simple. We turn an archaic 15 hour-a-week process into a delightful 15 min task for practitioners ordering lab testing for their patients.
Lab testing is the key to a more personalized and holistic approach to medicine, and Rupa is paving the way with critical infrastructure for this next generation of healthcare. Through Rupa, practitioners can order specialty testing, such as DNA testing, microbiome testing, advanced fertility and hormone testing, blood labs, and more.
This comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare is the missing piece for the millions of people suffering from complex, chronic health conditions. Rather than band-aid solutions, practitioners utilize our platform to understand, diagnose, and treat the root cause of people’s health issues through testing. At Rupa, we are building the infrastructure to make this root-cause approach the standard of care for every person on the planet. πŸŒŽ
Starting with lab testing, Rupa is bringing tools and resources to trailblazing practitioners who are practicing medicine in a way that truly helps people get well.
πŸ“‹ What This Role Will Own πŸ“‹
As our Medical Content Creator, you’ll be the maestro of our video content, orchestrating everything from content ideation to the final cut. Here’s what you’ll own:
Video Wizardry: Script, propose, and record at least two stellar videos per month that will captivate our audience.
Idea Generator: Unleash your creativity to regularly propose fresh and engaging content ideas to the Rupa Health Team.
Collaborative Spirit: Be the friendly face that works well with others, embraces feedback, and upholds integrity in every action.
Communication Pro: Keep in touch with our team through Slack and Email, ensuring your messages are as clear as your video content.
Quality Champion: Deliver videos with world-class video and audio quality – don’t worry, we’ve got the gear you need!
Example video we produced:
πŸ” Hard Requirements πŸ”
Licensed Professional: You must be a licensed MD, ND, or PhD.
Functional Medicine Fanatic: A deep passion and understanding of functional medicine is non-negotiable.
Editorial Expertise: You’ve got a solid grasp of the editorial process and can craft content that educates and engages.
Communication Skills: Your communication skills are top-notch, both on and off camera.
🌟 Nice To Have Requirements 🌟
Social Savvy: Experience with social media and a knack for engaging with a digital audience.
Tech-Friendly: Comfortable with using video editing software and equipment.
Innovative Thinker: Always thinking of new ways to present content that sets us apart from the rest.
πŸ“’ Quick Note
We’re all about embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment here at Rupa Health. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate our differences and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.
Heads up, folks! 🚨 Rupa Health will always reach out from our official domain. We won’t slide into your DMs on messaging apps or ask for bank details or purchases during the hiring process. If something seems off, hit us up at to confirm you’re chatting with our legit team.
  • [Record Videos] Able to script, propose, and record at least two videos per month
  • [Licensed Professional] You must be a licensed MD, ND, or PhD.
  • [Propose Content Ideas] Create content on the topics of your choice and propose content ideas regularly to the Rupa Health Team
  • [Team Player] A friendly human who is pleasant to work with, gives & takes feedback well, is responsible (does what they say they will), and performs their job with integrity
  • [Communication] Able to communicate with our team promptly on Slack and Email
  • [Quality of Work] The videos you submit will be world class video and audio quality – we will provide equipment if necessary
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