Head of Operations

Posted 4.22.24

About Fella Health

**Fella Health helps middle-aged men live 10 years longer.**

We are the telemedicine clinic for bigger guys, worldwide. We use medical weight loss treatment to solve our fellas’ most pressing healthcare need, then remain a fella’s core healthcare provider for the rest of their life – focused on men’s health, longevity, mental health, and primary care.

We will have served 1 million fellas by the end of 2026, and 10 million fellas by the end of 2028.

Our mission is to solve male obesity worldwide, by accelerating the take-up of GLP-1s in middle-aged men. From this, we’ll become the world’s leading men’s health brand.

We’ve grown >100x since Sept 2022 (currently growing >30% MoM) and are strongly cashflow positive. We have expanded our state coverage to >95% of US population, have started to expand our clinical protocol beyond weight (e.g. testosterone), and are eyeing up international expansion.

We’re still a young startup and are moving quickly. We have a long way to go. This is still Day 1.

You can read more about working at Fella here: https://fella.notion.site/Working-at-Fella-14a2ac8575d34d148d009bb410387af4

We’re backed by top healthcare & consumer investors:

  • Y Combinator
  • Global Founders Capital — backed Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Revolut, Rocket Internet
  • AngelList Early Stage Fund (backed by Naval Ravikant)
  • BrandProject (venture-builder behind 2 unicorns)
  • The founders of Indeed, Curative (unicorn), Alan (unicorn), Kaia Health (>$300mil valuation), Vouch Insurance (>$500mil valuation), Not Boring (Packy McCormick)

The opportunity as Head of Operations

Fella Health is building a world-class team.

As Head of Ops at Fella, you’ll start by running our telemedicine clinic. Your fundamental role is to keep fellas happy 😊

For the first few quarters, you’ll run our clinical ops end-to-end. You’ll rapidly & efficiently scale a compliant telemedicine clinic with industry-leading metrics for Activation, Retention, and Referral. You’ll have your work cut out to constantly guide automations so we can continue growing >7% WoW indefinitely. You’ll work with our existing Medical Support team to ensure DRIs are clear and SLAs are being met. You’ll scale our provider network and ensure we have great clinical systems. You’ll get your hands dirty, build out a high-performing team, constantly be learning, and withstand the pressure of competing priorities under rapid growth.

Great performance in the role means we can rapidly scale our clinic to 100k (happy) patients.

By the end of 2024, once you’ve mastered leading clinical operations, you may upskill/hire a Head of Clinical Operations who would replace you & report to you, and you’d then oversee the entire Operations of our company: Clinical Ops, Medical Expansion, Pharmacy & Supply Chain.

If you nail the role, you’ll be a top candidate for our future COO hire.

This is a full-time, fully remote role, and you’ll work async in the timezone of your choice — as long as you’re around until midday Pacific Time for calls as needed.

This is a senior role. You’ll report directly to me, Richie 🙂 (our CEO) You’ll work very closely with our Clinical Ops Lead (Arvee Sese) and our Clinical Systems Lead (JC Maglaque) who will both report to you, as well as working closely with our Head of Engineering (Gzim Helshani).

Key responsibilities

🎯 “You just build a fucking amazing experience. Make each step amazing. Make every decision in the long term interest of the client. Give the client massively more value than you take.” — a poetic extract from one of our advisors


  • Clinical Operations end-to-end:
    • Activation: You’ll get fellas their medication within 14 days of signup. You’ll ensure the UX is great from signup to their first dose: intuitive onboarding portal, streamlined medical form, easy labwork options, clarity on insurance coverage, rapid provider prescribing, automated medication ordering, overnight medication fulfillment, clear dosage instructions — all with reassuring communication to fellas. You’ll be obsessed with your activation KPIs.
    • Retention: You’ll ensure fellas only leave upon reaching their goal weight, not due to poor service. This means async check-ins are comprehensive & regular, and refills are proactive & automated. You’ll be painfully aware of cohort churn numbers.
    • Review/Referral: You’ll make fellas happy enough so they write a great review & refer others. You’ll maniacally collect NPS & CSAT feedback, read each word, and make changes accordingly.
    • Scale: You’ll work with engineering to guide systems & automations to rapidly scale operations so we can grow >7% WoW indefinitely with high customer love and without team bloat. You’ll systematically review your team’s human-based workflows to constantly be automating as much as you can.
    • Clinical systems: You’ll work closely with our Clinical Systems Lead & engineering team to ensure we have great tooling across the clinic: backend, careteam-facing, and fella-facing.
    • People: You’ll work with our Medical Support Lead to ensure we have all hires we need, that hires are onboarded rapidly, there are clear DRIs for each area, and the team is performing well. You’ll work with the Medical Support Lead to audit performance & monitor SLAs, so our customer support system can effectively sort ad-hoc issues for fellas.
    • Provider network: You’ll stay on top of provider capacity to ensure we don’t get blocked as we scale. You’ll work closely with providers to streamline their workflow & solve their issues. You’ll work with the recruiting team to select great-fit providers as we scale.
    • Compliance: You’ll ensure we stay compliant in each jurisdiction, for both the clinic and the providers. This means ensuring our clinical systems can scale internationally.
    • Economics: You’ll protect unit economics over time by ensuring all payments are going through, we get discounts on medication, provider workflow is streamlined, and clinic-wide workflows are automated to avoid careteam bloat.
  • By the end of 2024, once you’ve mastered leading clinical operations (above), you may then upskill/hire a Head of Clinical Operations who would replace you & report to you, and you’d then oversee several areas (each with its own DRI):
    • Clinical Operations (as above)
    • Medical Expansion:
      • Health System Integration: Have everything working so we can efficiently bill fellas’ insurance for their services.
      • Product Expansion: Expansion of add-on products & services to be able to serve fellas for a decade.
      • International Expansion: Continue a smooth international expansion beyond the US into the rest of the English-speaking world, then German-speaking & Spanish-speaking countries, then into India & beyond.
    • Pharmacy & Supply Chain: Overseeing this newly formed area as we become vertically integrated by owning our own medication supply.


  • Activation
    • 1-mo retention
      • Current: 87% to 88%
      • Target: 90% (Stretch: 95%)
    • Time-to-medication (% of new fellas who receive medication within 2wks)
      • Current: 31.5% to 42.9%
      • Target: 60% (Stretch: 90%)
  • Satisfaction
    • NPS
      • Current: -2 to 41
      • Target: 40 (Stretch: 90)
    • CSAT (/10)
      • Current: 7.0 to 8.5
      • Target: 8.5 (Stretch: 9.5)
  • Retention
    • Subscriber churn rate (%/mo)
      • Current: 11.1% to 12.9%
      • Target: 11.4% (Stretch: 5%)
    • Customer retention (cohort % at Xmo)
      • Current
        • 3mo: 71% to 86%
        • 6mo: 55% to 62%
        • 9mo: 30% to 38%
        • 12mo: 23% to 27%
      • Target
        • 3mo: 76% (Stretch: 86%)
        • 6mo: 62% (Stretch: 74%)
        • 9mo: 38% (Stretch: 63%)
        • 12mo: 27% (Stretch: 54%)

Need to have

  • Experience: you have 5+ years relevant experience in a high-calibre ops role or equivalent. You do not need healthcare experience. I have a strong preference for people who understand & enjoy the scary speed of a high-growth startup.
  • Automation: you’re obsessed with automation. You automate the shit out of everything. Your friends tease you about it but you don’t care — that’s just who you are 🙂
  • Metrics: you’re maniacal about your metrics. You closely monitor Activation, Satisfaction, & Retention metrics to quantify and help prioritize your work.
  • Trenches: you don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty in the trenches. You’re not too pretentious or senior to grind it out when needed — in fact you kinda miss the days when that was more of your day-to-day.
  • Systems: you think in and build out systems. In solving a problem you recognize the underlying system, then focus on improving the system itself to fix the true cause of an issue.
  • Learning: you’re an autodidact with impressive speed and resourcefulness. You regularly teach yourself the skills you need from scratch.
  • Complexity: you’re highly organized and can complete multiple projects concurrently.
  • Mindset: you calmly handle uncertainty and rapidly changing situations.

Nice to have

  • Past: you’ve likely been pulled into important problems, taken risks, excelled in new areas. You’ve likely founded something, however small.
  • Background: you may have a STEM background, and may have a background in engineering, product, software, computers – or something similar. You’re comfortable around no-code tools.
  • Hiring: you may have experience building & managing a high-performance team.
  • Future: you may want to start your own company in the future.
  • Figure it out: you’re likely one of those timeless people that could be dropped anywhere in the world, in any century, and you’d figure it out. Your friends probably think of you as that person 🙂

Our cultural standards

These are the core cultural standards to which we hold ourselves & our team-members at Fella:

  • Belief in the mission — we will have served 10 million fellas by the end of 2028 and we transform the lives of most fellas who join. We have a lot of work to do. We are obsessed with our fellas and are dedicated to the mission.
  • Bulldozing barriers — the world is malleable and we shape it. We truly believe this and act accordingly. We are at the mercy of no one but ourselves.
  • Unwavering integrity — we are at the frontier, so we often live in ambiguity with no trodden path. When we can’t look to others for guidance, we must maintain impeccable ethics and unwavering integrity.
  • Enduring frugality — we are frugal. We hate being wasteful and we are anti-luxury. We spend our cash wisely & carefully – in a way that would make our grandmas proud.
  • Do what is needed — speed is critical and often the solutions we need are messy. We are comfortable moving quickly and taking on gritty work.
  • End-to-end ownership — we are comfortable owning projects from noticing the problem to delivering the outcome.
  • Dedication to excellence — we are obsessed with our role, with a commitment to compounding self-improvement.
  • Commitment to candor — we believe in open communication and transparency. We are clear & caring communicators, welcoming feedback.
  • Only the paranoid survive — the road of expansion is bumpy. We are not fair weather sailers; we embrace the storms. However much we’ve already done, however far we’ve already come — all our work is still ahead of us.
  • Keep your head down — we’re boring people doing exciting work. We don’t chase short-term status: no media profiles, no bullshit conferences, no investor drinks. We ignore short-term dopamine hits and focus on what matters.

🎯 “You just build a fucking amazing experience. Make each step amazing. Make every decision in the long term interest of the client. Give the client massively more value than you take.” — a poetic extract from one of our advisors


Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation: $125k-$225k/yr + 0.6%-1.0% equity
  • Healthcare: comprehensive medical insurance (if appropriate)
  • Vacation: PTO with a yearly minimum (≥2wks/yr + local national holidays)
  • Remote: our team is fully distributed across the world and functions fully remotely
  • Personal development: budget for books, courses, coaching ($1200/yr)
  • Personal wellness: budget for gym, health apps ($1200/yr)
  • Equipment: Macbook & work-from-home equipment provided as needed
  • What are we missing? We’re still early so you get to shape our culture.

How to apply

Email richie+hiring@joinfella.com with:

  • your resume
  • highlights from your experience relevant to the role

We’re running a high-velocity process and believe in open communication — so you’ll hear from us quickly.

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